Minogue And Moroder: Auto-Tune Is The New 24

Perhaps the track will catch on if I can sit through a few more spins, but the new Giorgio Moroder / Kylie Minogue collaboration does not fail to disappoint. Perhaps it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. After having been raised on champagne voices like Donna Summer, it is difficult to accept squeaky imitations (sorry, Donna; it was not in your character to speak ill of anybody).

Having said that, no doubt the track will bring shivers up the spines of many. The hook takes a good stab at being happy and upbeat. Were I still a club kid and downed a few drinks, I might find myself celebrating that at least part of what used to be still remains.

Auto-Tune is the new 24. The track could have been performed by any number of women, and based on the lineup, it will be.

Moroder’s long-awaited forthcoming album will feature collaborations with Britney Spears, Sia, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue, Mikky Ekko, Foxes, Matthew Koma and others. He has signed a worldwide deal with Sony Music International for the release of the set, which will arrive on RCA Records in the United States. Billboard

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Edit 4-16-2014
Despite what I wrote here, I have grown more fond of the song. It’s really unfair to compare this to anything by Donna, even if it’s nearly impossible. The lackluster performance of this track on the charts may reflect something more objective than what I presented (read as, “It may not”). I am not sure how it will stand the test of time, but Moroder’s new album should at least be a fun romp for a bit.

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