Whitney Houston And Industrial Enslavement

It was only today that I learned of the Whitney Houston movie on Lifetime. So much for being the “Perez Hilton of the truth movement.” I am so sick of the industry that I don’t keep tabs on it.

While I live in a house with a television in it, I do my best to avoid it. Marathons of “The Twilight Zone” are difficult to pass by, but even then I look away during commercials, or play with the dog. Getting sucked back into the world of meaningless stuff that becomes everything is not something I want.

Anyhow, my friend who posted that she would be watching the movie also posted the statement from Pat Houston. Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact?

This creative pursuit at the expense of the integrity of such an iconic woman, who is voiceless today, reeks of condemnation and deceit. It reeks of enslavement to an industry that will likely do the same to you one day.

As I have noted, it was Whitney’s death that marked the opening of my eyes to the nefarious goings on in the music industry. I was furious with the person for pointing it out. After Donna’s death, “it” was all there.

The thing that I realized that was missing on most sites was compassion for the artists who are stuck.

Last week I learned that a couple of years ago Ke$ha said that she was forced to sing Die Young (I know – it was a while back). I thought it must be quite frustrating for anybody who is enslaved in the business to tell people about it, only to have fans sort-of get it, but move on, while asking for more product from a manufactured image.

It was easy as a child to write this stuff of as things relegated to the bizarre thinking of religious fanatics. I had heard about backward masking, “Paul is dead” and so on. It did not seem that big of a deal. Compared to today, it was not.

What happened to Whitney is no doubt a tragedy, but she was human. Her life was lived in front of millions and there was no escaping the spotlight. Her music touched my life and I will always remember her for that. It is not my intention to cause her family any more pain. I seek only to bring awareness to the cost of our entertainment.

Rest in Power.

More on this later. I am still recuperating from an invasive medical procedure and I am surprised I made it this far. Besides, why take it from me when there are industry insiders with plenty to say?

On this edition of DTRH, Popeye welcomes to the show Musician Frank Castle of HEISTCLICK. The two of them get into the dark side of the music industry from an insiders perspective. Satanic rituals involving album master recordings; Music “Boot Camp”; Sexual domination, and abuse; Who the “Rain Man” is; Why music is recorded on a specific frequency, and much more. If you want to know the dark truth about the music industry tune in.

In other news: The latest research in hip hop conspiracy theories




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