Are The Forthcoming Donna Summer Vinyl/CD Box Sets Worth The Wait?

Because of all of the nefarious things that go on in the music industry, it is nice to be reminded now and again of those who make/made it better. Donna Summer is the inspiration for this blog, so I am taking a moment to discuss the remastered albums that will be released on December 1, 2014. In short: Based on the responses from her family, I am sure the box sets will be incredible and indeed worth the wait. Here is why, along with my reasons (good ones) that the set is not necessary for all of us:

  • Just about everything released with the original releases is included, as well as some additions and all of them have been remastered
  • I’m A Rainbow will be on vinyl, for the first time – audiophiles will appreciate this, and those of us that remember the days when double-album covers would reach out and give you a hug, well, there is that coolness
  • The excitement of the forthcoming releases is comforting to those of us who remember the times when she was making two albums a year – it is a familiar salve to days that will never be lived again
  • It is another way to keep her contributions to today’s music alive and recognized – this is not a trivial matter, because despite a great reputation among fellow artists, she was underrated by the general public in the United States

Donna’s family has been great about handling input and there are plenty of details at The Official Donna Summer on Facebook

Thank you to everyone for their comments relating to ‘Another Place And Time’, which is creating a lot of interest on

We have been reading through all of the posts and would like to respond to you but firstly to let you know that the entire re-issue programme, is being produced in conjunction with Bruce Sudano and that it has taken more than four years for the planning of the re-issues to get to the current stage.

We can confirm that the masters used for this album, have all been sourced from PWL’s archives; with many tapes sourced as recently as last week.

Only those tracks/mixes/versions for which we have masters can be used and some of those clearly state ‘DO NOT USE’ across the front of the tape box, for reasons that were decided upon prior to their original release in 1989.

We can also confirm that we have now located the original 12” Mix of ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt’ from October 1988, which was unmarked as being the original mix on the tapes and will be including it on the album.

The mixes and instrumental versions that appear on CD2 and CD3 were sequenced by title, in order to make it easier to see which mixes have been included but in response to other comments, have also slightly re-sequenced the two discs.

With best wishes…… Source

There have been clarifications made since that post, so check out the page. It seems great care has been taken for her fans with this project. Last year’s “Love to Love You Donna” tribute album contained some gems, but overall was geared toward a younger crowd, which left some feeling disappointed.

So, why do I feel no need to get copies?

  • At the age of 49 I have worn through my share of records and memories
  • I had a lot of fun at home and in clubs, dancing my heart out
  • Religion in my early 20s resulted in me destroying my entire vinyl collection, including all of Donna’s stuff. Yep. I broke apart all of my originals for Jesus. It seemed right at the time
  • I bought all of the vinyl again, but left them in Chicago when I moved back to California in 2004 – they were with a friend who died from cancer, in late 2009
  • I have all of the original CDs and they are on my iPod

Don’t get me wrong. Some of the remixes would be cool to hear, but over the decades I have lost my desire to collect things. I have moved and lost everything more times than I can recall, without spending some time thinking about it

  • Every song on every one of Donna’s albums is in my head. Sure, it is still fun at times to soar with her, but I can play her voice in mind at any time. I can even create new songs with her voice, in my head
  • She is in my heart and soul forever, just as she is for so many others. I am reminded again by this project about how much we miss her light and happy stage presence. She was incredible fun and the love flowed both ways, free and plentiful

Last night, while searching the web, I came across pictures of her grave. I had not seen them, before. It was a somber moment, to say the least, but it made me ask: how much is enough? She is gone and fans are still saying I want I want I want …

If I could want anything in to reality it would be to undo her death and that is not going to happen.

With all of that said, again, the collection will be worth the wait. And oh: that is a reference to a song that I believe she sang unplugged, with Bruce Sudano on guitar, in Tahoe, during her Endless Summer tour (it was freezing, but that is another story).

There are most likely many things in the vault that fans would like to hear, myself included. Yet, as I strive to keep moving forward as she instructed us to in her final note to her fans, I must keep moving toward appreciation for how wonderful the world was while she was here and how blessed I was to be here at the same time and at the age I was when she blew the world away with “the voice.”

There will always be a you, Donna and always you gave us so much freedom to project onto you whatever it was we needed to get through. So, sing and dance in your hearts folks, or grab up every mix and and extras for your collector’s sets. Whatever your heart desires.

Donna box set dec 1


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