Britney Spears And Autotune: Sony Pulls Video Of Alien Voice

Originally, I was just going to add a note here that once again, the real singing voice of Britney Spears has been exposed. However, by the time I went back for the URL, the video was deleted by Sony Music Entertainment (SME) for copyright infringement. It trended on Facebook for hours, so hopefully it was seen by enough people to leave a splinter in their mind. Unless, of course, they take a cookie from the Oracle and forget all about it…

I do not think this is about Britney as much as it is about the state of what remains of an industry torn completely apart, as well as the role of companies such as Disney, who have a long history of exploiting children in the name of making lives better for all children.

The Perils of the “Common Good”

I just checked to see if there were other videos. There are some that are allegedly the demo version, but it is the Autotune-enhanced voice that you will hear. There are some shorter versions, but for how long?

Huff Post: Britney Spears’ ‘Alien’ Without Auto-Tune Is Not Meant To Be Heard

Related post on this site: Fake It Until We Cannot Take It: How Autotune Has Ruined Music

To put this in to context: This is the demo version of Bad Girls, recorded by Donna Summer, in 1979. There are some soaring vocals in this that did not make the final cut, but she nailed it.  This is what I grew up with.


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