Artists Say “Fuck You” To The Music Industry And Monster Energy Drinks

This segment of a recent Adam Vs. The Man broadcast says quite a bit about the music industry. It may seem that it tells all, yet the scope of Hollywood problems – the degree of the  infestation by an elite, criminal class at the helm –  seemingly remains unacknowledged.

Adam Kokesh makes the observation that we are getting the likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, because it is what we want. I get the concept of the free market at play here, but it seems to me that people “want” some of these artists like government:  Our choices are dictated by what is put forward. I cannot overstate the nefarious nature of their agenda. It is deep, complex and I have said this before: If it looks like a death cult and acts like a death cult.

One of the most disturbing revelations in the show is that artists who are sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks are seen on stage drinking the beverage, but since they hate it, they are drinking water, or “tour water”, as it says in blue, where they denote the flavor of the brand. I will post about it later, but look into the “M” on the can: it is Hebrew for “wav” or “vav” and it equals 666: check it out for yourself (Gematria).

Lead singer Adam Armstrong of the rebellious metal band Rebel Inc gives his “fuck you” to the music industry.

Next up: Sorting through some of the madness of an Hollywood child rape scandal: Found: The Elusive Man At The Heart Of The Hollywood Sex Abuse Scandal, which includes a connection the mystery schools of Babylon and a connection to Saturn worhship:

 Awards: SATURN Award for Best Director, SUNdance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize – U.S. Dramatic (emphasis mine):

 —>  Bryan Singer

Saturn Awards Org

The second set of suits has rocked Hollywood. The new complaints targeted Singer and three other prominent film industry figures, all of whom were investors in DEN. Singer and the other defendants in the ongoing lawsuits deny wrongdoing and have filed motions to have the complaints dismissed. Geffen was not accused of any misconduct in the suits nor named as a defendant. His attorney said that Geffen on occasion was a guest at parties given by DEN investors but recalls no one at them who appeared to be under age.

x. Ref.: David Geffen and Michael Egan.

Music fuck off post screen



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