Thirsty? The Skinny On Mariah Carey’s “Revolt” Image

New readers be warned: this blog is not about “objective” album/song reviews. This blog is difficult, and it is not the writing part, as I keep it to a minimum. My posts here tend to be spontaneous drafts, with links to other people who have laid out a far more complex argument. Easy.

The difficulty is that I am posting  horrifying information about human beings who came into this world completely innocent, like everybody.

I adore many of the artists that I point the finger at all of the time. Mariah Carey is one of them. Her first album remains one of the best ever recorded, imo.  The hell she says that she endured while married to Tommy Mottola is no secret. He held her captive. No gentle way to say it.

Mariah’s struggles with maintaining a healthy, consistent weight are no secret, either. For a moment I wondered why the industry would bother trying to go to such great lengths to obfuscate this knowledge, then I remembered that saying about repeating a lie long enough for people to believe it.

It’s no mystery that weight gain kills a career, along with other things, such as pissing off executives. From a business perspective, it makes sense to show people in their best light, but the legs on the cover featured on “Revolt” are too much (or not enough).

Even when in her prime, Donna Summer had her shoes air brushed for the album cover of “On The Radio”. ???

Anyhow, $17 million for a year on American Idol, 200 million albums sold, and still she is struggling with something. Sigh. I wish you well, Mariah. I hope I am wrong about all of this and that you are safe and happy. Also, you are absolutely gorgeous, just the way you are – far more flattering in that black dress than the android legs for the album art.

Below: Mariah as doctored up for her album cover, followed by her recent, curvish appearance on Fallon’s first Tonight Show, with Lady Gaga (yeah … there is more cause for concern, right there … another story … suffice it to say for now that the topic gives me butterflies).

Mariah screen

Mariah 2



Note the butterfly next to the balloon, below. MK Ultra programming is said to consist of many variations, and some of them are named after movies (e.g., The Wizard Of Oz, Peter Pan/Neverland, Alice In Wonderland).


Mariah monarch 2



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