EDM And Ecstasy: Disney Raves Over Fresh Lineup Of “Young Blood”

Hopefully, the insanity of the things that are posted here is obvious. I don’t spend a lot of time going into detail on this blog, as my intention is to spark curiosity, rather than provide all of the answers. When all of the dots start getting connected, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

While trying to find new music, it was impossible to avoid the constant barrage of symbols, such as masonic imagery. I hear the people calling for us to lighten up on this, because it is just music after all, and we need to stop being prudes. However, a simple browsing through Billboard’s charts provides a constant onslaught.

Pyramids are cool and all, but in every video? People act like somehow we all decided as a culture that masonic imagery was the shit, when the fact is that it is being pushed on us, non-stop: It’s not “popular” for the reasons that people think it is.


On deck at DMG, which includes Disney and Hollywood Records, are Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale, whose album Road Between is out June 3, and Bella Thorne, whose Call It Whatever is due June 24. And boy band R5 will record a follow-up to its debut, Louder, after a tour-ending June 10 performance on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Aware that synergistic efforts have a payday beyond SoundScan reports, DMG continues to work tie-ins with other Disney divisions. “Fire N Gold,” a song from Bea Miller, the 15-year-old singer whose Young Blood EP debuts at No. 64 on the Billboard 200, will air in an ABC Family summer promotion. The Disney Channel and Disney XD will plug Dconstructed the week of May 5.

Disney Gets Into EDM, Overtakes Interscope in Album Market Share

Just look at Donald in this photo. Either he is hypnotized, or blissed out.  Mickey is the wicked DJ running the show in this photo featured on Billboard, and for educational purposes under the fair use act.

Illustration by Zohar Lazar

Illustration by Zohar Lazar






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