The 20/20 Illumination Of Justin Timberlake

As I get closer to the age of 50,  and farther away from the music of my youth, I am definitely getting rusty. Being turned off to the music industry is fine, but it seems to have resulted in keeping me in the dark, so to speak.

The recent release of the Michael Jackson album “Xscape” got me to thinking. It may seem an obvious choice to many, but the selection of Justin Timberlake seemed odd to me.

Timberkake is another Disney child.

I just did a search for the artwork for the album, and was shocked that I missed something so doggone obvious. It is likely that others have written more about this, but here is my take, fresh. I will come back to it:

Keep the significance of the Monarch butterfly in mind. Aside from being entombed in butterfly-like machinery that can pierce into his eyes, only one of them is open. He is illuminated. His vision is 20/20. What else is there, here?


Note the monarch butterfly on Michael’s shoulder, released after he was murdered.

Michael monarch

Okay … I had to get that out of my system. Thanks for stopping by, including in my absence (I missed a month).  I did some work on my other blog, however.



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[Edit]: I had to peak. There is plenty. From a year ago:


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