Hollywood, Satanism, Pop Music, You Tube And Mark Dice

It is my hope that by stumbling across this blog, readers may be inspired to check out other sources. It is not my intention to reinvent the wheel. Rather, this is my (perhaps feeble) attempt to be one more voice in the search engines. My point being that there are others who have done amazing, professional research and writing about many of the same topics barely summarized in this blog.

Mark Dice is one of those people.

Caveat: Personally I do not care for the manner in which Dice portrays the gay community. It is the closeted dudes that people should worry about. They live in their shadow, and commit heinous acts in the dark. Even so, Dice has the right to free speech. In fact, it is his universal right, even without a constitution. I digress. He has done some truly incredible work.

Here are two great sources who make the point better than I am able. For the best insight, read the full articles. Thanks.

Mark Dice: back up YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheResistance

Source: Luke We Are Change:

Why destroy Mark Dice? He hasn’t called for violence or incited hate speech. His most popular videos show him seeking signatures on absurd petitions such as one ensuring that Karl Marx is Obama’s self-appointed successor, documenting people signing away their basic constitutional rights without even thinking about what they are signing.

He rails against “illuminati” influence in what passes for music and entertainment these days, and exposes the worst of the worst in the apparent race to infuse all pop music with satanic imagery. He’s arguably harmless; he could be considered a gadfly who sometimes rises to the status of thorn in the establishment’s side. Fans know him as someone who is trying to help wake up his audience to the absurdities of government, show biz, and society at large.

Mark noted on Facebook that the date of YouTube’s transgression is 3/22, and that Yale’s mysterious and macabre Skull and Bones society honors the number 322. He’s not afraid to “go there” with some potent surmising about the significance of the date:

Coincidence or a subtle message? If you wonder why Skull and Bones uses the number 322 to represent their  members and goals it’s because in the Book of Genesis chapter 3 verse 22 the passage refers to Adam and Eve following Satan’s advice to become Gods themselves by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as you may know, this is the secret of secrets of the Illuminati…they see Satan as good and that’s the ‘royal secret.’

Source: Christopher Cantwell:

This is a serious problem, ladies and gentlemen. Libertarians will correctly point out that YouTube has the right to do as it sees fit with content, but that doesn’t change the severity of the problem. I have repeatedly posted about myself and others being banned From Facebook for no good reason. I have had videos deleted by YouTube for trolling the NSAGoogle has openly admitted to manipulating search results.

We know that these companies are in bed with the US Federal Government. We know that the US Federal Government has actively sought out ways to manipulate public opinion on these outlets. Since Mark doesn’t use profanity, or promote violence, or hate speech, this can only mean that YouTube deleted the channel for one of three reasons.

  1. Private sector anti-freedom trolls making false reports
  2. Government social media trolls making false reports
  3. Direct government intervention, propaganda agents demanding YouTube remove the content.

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