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  2. Chris Palenski · January 14, 2014

    Page 1 0f
    Craig. Quite Frankly this is off the HOOK. I just found this MYSELF dude literally just now.
    I havnt surfed to see if any other has made a post, I havnt spoken to anyone else just you. Im pretty sure im the first. Please dont IGNORE this. If you dont get the link, im talking about the little cartoon pictures that come on the GOOGLE search homepage and theres usually a new one for every day. Sometimes its small and you can click on it to enlarge it as i did just now, completely by random i might add. Craig. I would never usually click on such a pick. it was small, no bigger than a thumb nail untill I enlarged it and began to instantly see all-sorts. This is Googles FIRST GLOBAL WELCOME LOGO/SYMBOL to the WORLD for 2014 for its search homepage. Combined with the recent revelations about Googles massive mysterious floating barges along the american coastline..well??? The Second O of the word GOOGLE is a big twinklinkg comet/asteroid/meteor/meteor shower/planet?
    The flashing bar made up of multiple multicolured lights under the 2013 and stopping just after 2013, is the calculation/computation of time, It could also be the twinkling of the stars/a meteor shower reflectd back to ground. The 2-0-1 and 3 are all dancing and moving, but the 4 looks worried and is looking back at 2013 with envy and not moving at all. In fact it has an arrow on it pointing down, and that arrow is in the center of a circle/planet formed by a light/shade change and that planet is encircled by another larger cirlcle/planet formed by another light/shade change. The faces of the 2-0-1 & 3 are all expressing, in my opinion something akin to “Ha-SURPRISE”. All the numbers have a shadow of a water level mark at thier base indicating rising water. The 4 has a shadow of a curve across it like a planet. The 2013 have the shadow of a pyramid behind them. The hands of 2 and 3 are forming a “Right side up” pyramid like an “A”. The hands of the 0 are forming an “upside down” pyramid like a “V”. The 1 is “Mimming” that he is TRAPPED. The hands of the 4 are pointing directly down like “Your Out” in baseball. The multi-directional movement of all the hands on all of the numbers could also represent incoming objects from all directions. The hands of the I are standing still as I moves, possibly meaning we’ll all be standing still as we see this object or “eye” moving across the sky. The speakers are “BLARRING/BLASTING/SOUNDING OUT A MESSAGE/WARNING!!!. Also an interesting true note, NASA is usesing sattelites which are effectively speakers. They are called by offical name Stereo A and Stereo B. They have placed them at “equal” distances in orbit away from the object they are studying and recording the sounds and various waves they get back. This is how they track it and find out how big it is. With SPEAKERS!!! at EQUAL distances, just as the twinkling star at the top in the middle of the second O in GOOGLE is. Im still looking at this thing and its literally getting more interesting by the minute its 10.34 am 01/01/2014. The twinkling cicrle in GOOGLE is at the Apex of the pyramid formed by the shadow. LOOK CLOSELY BROTHER behind the O and G of the word GOOGLE at the top. There are objects moving from right to left. Starting at O moving behind the twinkling star and if you notice closely they actually end at G. You see them comming into view from behind the L but only briefly, like a puff or a DISSINTEGRATION.
    I suspect the clouds, alien ships, asteroids, meteorites or whatever they are, are also spelling out SOS. It comes out dot dot dot then three dots on-top of another forming a line or a dash. This could also mean that this line which is 3 dash’s, is multiplied by 3 because its made up of 3 dots. Meaning the 3 dots ontopof each other (but not exactly i know, but in my opinion near enough)really means dash dash dash.
    So…. it says sos sos sos sos sos sos sos sos.
    Its also intereting how its hard to see the moving objects. You have to be looking closely and paying attention. You almost need Special equipment. I believe I had help finnding it. I dont know about you or any bodyelse but ive noticed alot of my links buttons and other sorts of functions are starting to appear with duplicte wording in what i believe to be arabic or something i certaily think is middleeastern i couldbe wrong? If you take the head of the 2 right from the tip by the eyes and mouth as the starting point and zoom really fast around the body and come shooting out the tail you shoot directly into the red 0 0r earth. This is what ISON supposedly did as it was slung shot around the sun and sent back toward earth. Notice how its path around the top of the 2’s neck is smooth but tight, just like ISON’s. But all of a sudden it takes an unexpected turn which sees it pointing at earth. If you look closely at the green L of GOOGLE, it has a shaded semi circle on the upright stem. If that green L represents land, and you tip it flat onto its long side, you have a crater with clouds rising out of it. Within the 4 there is actually 3 circles.
    They also seem to dissapear in a timely fashion. They are whole/fine/ok up untill then they hit they L “land” and are vapourised. They way they start whole and end whole at G, form the phrase “O,G never mind how sad to bad”

  3. Chris Palenski · January 14, 2014

    Page 2 re: 01/01/2013 new years google logo.
    i dont know if or what the colours of the number and letters mean. Im only fairly convinced they represent temperature change and possibly time if a colour is given a numerical value. If colours are given a numerical value then some one with the nous needs to see if theres snnything in the flashing patterns ofthe bottom grid. Right ouy of encounters of the first kind when they lalyed the big coloured keyboard. each colour represented a note, but could also represent, after conversion a number or symbol. A hidden message mocking us and warming the informed to initiate evac.
    I think i mentioned b4 that theres an arrow in the 4 pointing down
    indicating the fall of the planet as we know it. It could also be seen as as an indication that its time to go into the center of the earth and or thats where they are at that point in time after the hits. (the elites)

  4. Chris Palenski · January 14, 2014

    Page 3 re: 01/01/2013 google logo.
    As i tracked/studied this logo on the actual day. It changed….
    At aprox my time New Zealand, Bettween 4 & 6 pm. I realized the logo had change from saying 2013 gap 4. To saying 2104 gap 3. I have a copy of this logo stored in my email and can forward it to anyone interested via email. Im unsure how to attatch it to this comment. But I assure u it exists and i have a copy of it. I dont know if its possible to see it on googole dooles online record of dooles. I searched but could only find a copy of the first image that said 2103 gap 4. > The first one.
    IN The 2nd image it shows the 4 with its hads still and mimming that it is trapped as the “1” was in the first logo. The “3” is now in the spot where the 4 was in the first logo. Its hands are represented in a diffferent way to any of the hands in either of the two logos. The 3’s hands are drapped on the ground, the 3’s face is dripping a tear drop of sweat form its fight side(as we face it). It also has two pot marks on its face that wern’t there on its face in the first image. The pot marks are small black/dark dots on its face either side of its eye’s. The 3 is now also standing still and on an angle/tilt. If you ask me it looks like it’s expressing it is damaged and bruised and weak but alive and escaped a serious beating. But now in this logo weve moved into 2014 and as i said the 4 is also now mimming it is trapped. Im convinced the flashing coloured bar under 2103 and 2104 in both logos represents time in one way or another, of this im certain.
    To me its saying “Im flashing and I represent time and there is more info in me if you look closer”. I strongly suspect that there is a message in the changing colours and moving/flashing patterns being formed within thr bar. If there is it is beyond me (for now). If im wrong nothing lost.
    I invite others to explore the theory.
    I dont know if iv,e previously metioned but if you look closley at the 2nd O in GOOGLE. That represents a star and eye and who knows what else…
    Well it twinkles in two specific places in a constant repeated pattern.
    Could be nothing. The top left “Twinkle” Seems to rise from “Behind” the stars horizon. The othe larger “Twinkle” forms in the lower left center of the star. It starts as one small dot/twinkle and then expands into a square several dots/pixles bigger in a square form. I think it looks a bit like a pyramind from above. As it forms it leaves a trail in its wake across the surface of the star/planet(earth?). In the form of black dots in a trailing line coming from the formed pyramid shape twinkle. Making any sense?.
    Look CLOSELY at the star and the changing dots foming “Twinkles”.
    Im keen for feedback and as i said i have a copy of the 2nd logo and can forward it via email. I havnt been able to find the 2nd image as an historical doc any where on the net myself. I didnt create it. I couldnt if i wanted to, not my skill and not my style or motive to decieve but enlighten and reveal.
    Heads Up and God Blesss
    Regards Chris.
    Thats all i can think of for know.

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