Can You Solve The Puzzle? Google Places Masonic “G” In Space 33 Of Crossword

Another for the archives. No doubt much of the meaning is beyond the ability of most of us to comprehend; they are signs for a gang to which we do not belong. Even if the meaning cannot be decoded without the right keys, the symbols become easier to spot, over time.

Background: Control by The Numbers

I do not know if ever I will get to figuring out the significance of the numbers, but 3, 6, and 9 (and variants of them) are usual suspects. Today’s date adds up to 11, which is another of their favorites (Master Number 11 ). Again, this is the system of the elite. What you,  and I believe does not matter; they believe it.

Suggestion: search multiple references, because these symbols predate Christianity, and the Old Testament, yet many sites make connections to the bible, only. There are many hidden agendas.


3 + 2 + 6 = 11

There are six letters in “Google” … Many Masonic lodges are painted sky blue, fyi … Just sayin’ … Also, The “play” arrow is in the center of the blue (a pyramid on its side), which can mean “delta”: Depeche Mode – Delta Machine (33 year anniversary album):

Google doodle puzzle


With the cult of celebrity worship at full speed as people clamor to defend their favorite, scripted reality show, is this their way of saying that with the clash of all of the egos, nothing has changed?

Who knows. I support the right of others to express their disgust, hatred, personal details of favorite sex acts, and their contempt for me, but I do not have to like them.

This information is but one clue that there are far more important things we need to be concerned with than the latest word uttered by somebody who is paid by Hearst, and Disney.  It is unlikely that they are crying over their beer at Club 33.


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