Death Creates Wealth: Another Week In Hollywood

A few years ago this would not have made any sense to me, but how odd to have the sun setting upon this bizarre reflection: How many careers were ended, how many people were tossed aside and how many may have died for the cause of the music industry, this week? Off-the-hook and off-the-charts, I do not wish to believe the truth.

It is too late. They were tortured into other personalities, handled in every controlling and violating manner possible, and this week some of them put out new albums, and some of them died. Which ones are/were desperate puppets, wishing to be cut from their strings? Which ones are supplying the rope and having fun?

The following article about yet another “suicide” by a Disney star popped up on Twitter, today:

Lee Thompson Young

Disney Superstar Dead

Just last week,  Lisa Robin Kelly died from an apparent overdose/complications.

Lisa Robin Kelly — who played Eric Forman‘s older sister on “That ’70s Show” —  has died … TMZ has learned. Read More

Aside from wondering how TMZ seems to be the first to call in the event of a celebrity death, two celebrity suicides per week should never begin to sound normal. It may be easy to attribute this simply to a bad week, but I have been around long enough to notice the increase of tragedy, alongside the intensity of the machine to crank out hits, with decreasing regard for quality, let alone any care for the artist.

While tweeting about this, it came to my attention that Lady Gaga was trending on Twitter, again. I had forgotten that she was coming out with a new video, today. I am not sure when new releases started coming out on Mondays and not Tuesdays, but such is the case. In addition, as noted in previous blogs, Katy Perry has a new album out this week.

The math had to be done: Gematria

The date: 8-19-2013

The year 2013 = [6]

The month and date: 8+1+9 = 18 = [9]

Add both together and reduce down via Gematria: 9+6 = 15 = [6]

So, whether or not anything was planned, today was a “6” day and would be a likely candidate for sacrifices and releases of new material. This is not my way. This is not my belief, but it is theirs.

Just more notes that may or may not be precisely factual, due to the nature of their deception, but certainly enough to draw informed suspicion.

If you watch the “Applause” video, see how many things you can pick out, such as the use of the “Alice In Wonderland” hat, and the timing of the lyrics when she reveals only one eye. Also:

If only fame had an I.V., baby could I bear
Being away from you, I found the vein, put it in here

Once again, there are transhumanstic themes:

Lady Gaga Gets Naked, Shows Off Fake Arm & Preps For “Applause” And Other Stuff

lady gaga artpop arm promo photo applause

While there is no doubt in my mind that there is more, take note of the hand signals that she uses at the end of the video.

Even though I am getting old and no longer savvy to the what is cool, I know enough to understand that unless it is pushed heavily, Gaga’s seemingly satanic videos would be old news and she would have to try something else.

Jeff Koons and Gaga are no strangers (another avenue to explore… follow the money/power):

[Verse 2:]
I’ve overheard your theory “nostalgia’s for geeks”
I guess sir, if you say so, some of us just like to read
One second I’m a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me
Pop culture was in art, now art’s in pop culture in me

Jeff Koons


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