Weltanschauungskrieg (Psychological Warfare)

This link was posted as a comment and I want to bring it forward (Verify for yourself … i.e. believe nothing you see and half of what you hear):

Weltanschauungskrieg Leaks (Psychological Warfare/Ideological Warfare)

Born in 1918, just a few years after the birth of Dr Josef Mengele, my dad has this month, died. Doctor Mengele’s secret legacy has become Monarch Programming, of which more later. My dad’ s legacy, it turns out at his funeral, is the support shown for services rendered over a lifetime. My father, the proof was tangible, had done well. His good lives on. He was not a man of secrets.

I need to feel I have my fathers’ approval. But it is a tricky thing.

Mengele was never going to do well. He was “made up” to be an Ipsimus in some dodgy Thule or Vril sort of brotherhood running the Nazi’s and especially their SS to whom he belonged. They commanded him it is alleged  through their so called Marionnette Programming designed  for especially useful military functionaries . That may be known to others as Imperial Conditioning as was used to control rulers and Potentates. Mengele  later resurrected both control systems for military or civilian leaders as Monarch Programming  for ordinary civilians. It was a union predicted by human nature and it’s two combustible components, fear and greed. My father would say that.

Read More: http://bhmversusmengele.tumblr.com/

“Worldview Warfare” and The Science of Coercion

by Christopher Simpson

Excerpts from The Science of Coercion, Oxford University Press, 1994
www.globalresearch.ca   23 November 2003


During the second half of the 1930s, the Rockefeller Foundation underwrote much of the most innovative communication research then under way in the United States. There was virtually no federal support for the social sciences at the time, and corporate backing for the field usually remained limited to proprietary marketing studies. The foundation’s administrators believed, however, that mass media constituted a uniquely powerful force in modem society, reports Brett Gary, 28 and financed a new project on content analysis for Harold Lasswell at the Library of Congress, Hadley Cantril‘s Public Opinion Research Project at Princeton University, the establishment of Public Opinion Quarterly at Princeton, Douglas Waples‘ newspaper and reading studies at the University of Chicago, Paul Lazarsfeld‘s Office of Radio Research at Columbia University, and other important programs.

As war approached, the Rockefeller Foundation clearly favored efforts designed to find a “democratic prophylaxis” that could immunize the United States’ large immigrant population from the effects of Soviet and Axis propaganda. In 1939, the foundation organized a series of secret seminars with men it regarded as leading communication scholars to enlist them in an effort to consolidate public opinion in the United States in favor of war against Nazi Germany — a controversial proposition opposed by many conservatives, religious leaders, and liberals at the time — and to articulate a reasonably clear-cut set of ideological and methodological preconceptions for the emerging field of communication research.

Read More: http://globalresearch.ca/articles/SIM311A.html

Could Military Mind Control Get Out of Hand? [VIDEO]

mind control

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  1. DSummerMan · July 22, 2013

    Kissinger, Palin, Mengele:How Deep Does The Rabbit Hole Go? Monarch Mind Control & Global Management Team Pt. 1


    Use Of Monarch Mind Control Methodology For Programming Manchurian Candidates For Social Violence In U.S. Society


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