Themes and Symbols Presented in “The Neverending Story”

Themes and Symbols Presented in “The Neverending Story

When I first readMichael Ende‘s masterpiece story, I felt very confused about several areas in the book. The plot was not the hard part to understand. It was the message I was trying to find. I wanted to know what Michael Ende was trying to teach me as he wrote this book. I wanted to learn what he already knew. Well, I became so eager to find these hidden messages that I decided to collect some advice on what other people felt from reading the book.

As far as I know, there is no other webpage that does such a thing as what I am trying to tackle on this webpage. This page will give meanings behind the many themes and characters presented in The Neverending Story. It is here to help guide you in your reading possibly the next time you read the book. After applying these symbols while you read the book, I believe only then will you gain the full satisfaction of understanding what the author was trying to say.

The Childlike Empress
The Nothing
The Neverending Story (as a symbol)



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