Moog, Google Doodle and Electronic (techno) Music

Moog, Google Doodle and Electronic (techno) Music

Bob Moog, geek, electronic music pioneer, gets Google Doodle

May 23, 2012|By Rene Lynch

Bob Moog was a geek. And proud of it. His music-meets-electronics inventions made him a legend in the music world but not exactly a household name. Today, a Google Doodle seeks to change that, honoring him with an ultra-cool interactive doodle — call it a Goog — that shows the world just how “instrumental” the late Moog was.

Moog pioneered the Moog synthesizer and, in doing so, revolutionized the music world in the midst of the psychedelic 1960s — bringing musical performance into the electronic age. It’s impossible to overstate his importance to the industry, experts say. What Les Paul and Leo Fender did for the electric guitar, Moog did for the synthesizer, according to Trevor Pinch, coauthor of a book on the Moog synthesizer.

Moog Google Doodle: How to use it demo:






depeche mode rose





One comment

  1. Paul R. Walker · April 9, 2014

    I wonder how it would be to get back in time with today’s knowledge and access to those old instruments only. That would be a true revolution 😉

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